Hi there, I’m Amanda Claire Goodwin, wine blogger and Co-founder of The Real Housewine Wine Blog. I grew up with wine as a dinner table staple and naturally gravitated towards it over the years. In college when all my friends were drinking boxed wine and beer, I would splurge and get the $20.00 bottle, which is a lot for a college student!

Now let’s flash forward to April 2017. This is when I took my enthusiasm for wine to the next level. I started blogging about wine and the rest is history.

What I do: I review wine, write information about wine, make wine related drink recipes, Food recipes and pairings, and review wine related products. I also do event and product promotions through Instagram.  I currently have over 16,000 followers. Want to collaborate? Reach out. I’m pretty open minded.

My credentials: I am WSET 2 certified and plan to enrolled in WSET 3. I regularly attend wine industry events to stay aware of new products and industry trends. I have a Bachelors Degree of Arts in English and a Bachelors of Science in Nursing. I attended Graduate school for nursing for a few semesters. My first job ever was working in an Italian Restaurant as a waitress back in high school. I also have bartended briefly and I’m comfortable with mixology. In college, I worked in a liquor store helping promote sales. I’m presently working as a nurse part time and with wine the rest of the time (but never at the same time).

Current Interests: I plan on continuing to grow my knowledge base of wine as there is much to learn. I will continue on to WSET level 3 and/or take the Certified Wine Specialist (CSW) exam. I’m a self professed Rosé Enthusiast. Whenever asked if I have a favorite wine I can never answer that question. In my opinion, a wine that is free from imperfections, is reasonably pleasant, and of good quality is by it’s very nature a good wine. This is it regardless of region or grape varietal.
Another current interest of mine is providing consultations with emerging brands regarding their Instagram accounts. Presently, millennials make up approximately 40% of wine sales. Knowing how to reach and market to this large demographic is crucial for brand success and longevity. Social media outlets, such as Instagram, have documented success in providing brand awareness and increased sales.

Successful product collaborations: TossWare, Rose Piscine, Pommery USA, Wareater, WINC, Dan’s Hamptons Media, CoolerKangeroo, Goverre Girls portable wine glasses, ONEhope Wines, Metzker Family Estate Wines, St.Mayhem Spiced Canned Wine, Yoga UnWined, The Palm by Whispering Angel, Bass Note Sangria, Kascardia Wine Merchants, Be Mixed, Adi Rose, GloScience, Drunk Jelly, Invivo wines, Mija Sangria, and Boozy Creamery to name a few.